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I argued that paradoxically, today's web shopping agents demonstrate the defining feature of a semantic web application without any explicit representation of semantics.
Source: Applied Semantics, Inc., Los Angeles, 310/446-8162; http://www-applied
Source: Applied Semantics, Inc., Los Angeles, 31 0/446-81 62;http//
Applied Semantics' new Naming Solutions' products and services include:
For true NAS data sharing by Unix and NT clients, the NAS appliance must additionally resolve the integration of the file system semantics.
In "Mishnaic Vocabulary and Mishnaic Literature as Tools for the Study of Biblical Semantics," Gad B.
(2) The next stage considers all of JVML0 but uses a structured semantics for jsr and ret.
General semantics, in particular, gives simple ways in which scientific knowledge can be put to practical day-to-day use by the person in the street in everyday concerns.
In this book, Eva Berger--a professor of communication at the School of Media Studies, College Academic Media Studies in Tel Aviv--joins her father, pediatrician Isaac Berger, to describe how the principles of general semantics can provide a logical framework for thinking about and practicing pediatrics and other areas of medicine as well.
However, both elements remain close objects of examination throughout the rest of the book, the former coming under close scrutiny in chapters 4 and 5, which detail Brandom's incompatibility semantics, and the latter especially in chapter 6.
The Institute of General Semantics, a center for teaching, publishing, and promotion of research, was founded in Chicago in 1938 with Korzybski as director and president of the board of trustees.
14 January 2016 - US-based Smart Data management solutions company Cambridge Semantics has acquired the intellectual property of San Diego, California-based database software developer SPARQL City and hired former CEO and founder Barry Zane and other top executives from the firm, the company said.

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