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This acquisition enables Cambridge Semantics to expand its Anzo Smart Data Platform to offer big data scale and value for enterprise-wide data and analytic initiatives.
Books relating to general semantics by Berman include Words, Meanings and People, The Closed Mind, How to Lessen Misunderstandings, and Why Do We Jump to Conclusions?
ii) Second, we will revisit issues of modular decomposition between semantics and pragmatics by trying to disentangle modules that have been lumped together in recent semantic theorizing, in particular in the domains of presupposition, anaphora and conventional implicatures.
The Atlantic Workshop on Semantics and Services provides two tracks during the daylong session.
Semantics-as-a-service can be delivered as a real-time service to enable organizations to instantly update their semantics models as changes happen, or manage their semantics with regular and consistent updates.
Besides, many linguistics programs cannot provide introductions to pragmatics with the same regularity with which they offer semantics courses.
S]omething has semantics when it can be 'processed and understood by a computer,' such as how a bill can be processed by a package such as QUICKEN (Trippe 2001, p.
Source: Applied Semantics, Los Angeles, 310/446-8162; http://www/applied semantics.
Applied Semantics Naming Solutions applications are delivered via an ASP model, providing cost-effective outsourcing for a highly complex business problem.
These devices must unify both environments' security semantics by managing the distinctions between each environment's identifiers, access rights, and security descriptors.
If general semantics is a science, then researchers ought to be spending their time identifying (or creating) its hypotheses and theories, and devising experiments to test them.

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