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Print Centre director Mr Williams said: "We have acquired Semaphore with a view to increasing our offering to existing Print Centre clients and to maintain the history and reputation of the Semaphore brand.
Plusieurs pays mediterraneens beneficiaires du projet Med- Phares seront presents, lundi 16 novembre 2015, a Gammarth, a la conference internationale, autour de ce projet baptise [beaucoup moins que] Gestion integree pour la mise en valeur du patrimoine des phares, semaphores et balises de la Mediterranee [beaucoup plus grand que].
Tire word "semaphore" is derived from the Greek words sema, "a sign," and phero, "to bear or to carry." A semaphore is any visual system of signaling with an apparatus such as flags, lights, or mechanically moving arms, such as those used to regulate railroads.
Semaphore reckon you can whizz through Unearthed in around two hours.
Smartlogic ( has released the latest version of Semaphore, its content intelligence platform, further extending its value to big data projects as well as offering more features to enhance enterprise search, drive content, improve records management and streamline business workflows.
Smartlogic's Semaphore system expands the indexing and normalizes vocabularies automatically.
The pub takes its name from its location, situated as it is just across the road from the old semaphore station.
For more information about Smartlogic and the Semaphore Content Intelligence Platform, visit the Smartlogic website at:
Semaphore, a CSE Global company, has released a suite of SCADA security features for the T-BOX MS RTU product line.
Seamen tried to signal with a flag, semaphore and Morse code before she was sunk 70 years ago today in 1941.
The British Home Office has awarded IBM a support deal to extend the use of its Semaphore border system, following the cancellation of the e-Borders contract.
Semaphore Software offers to develop applications and Web sites optimized for the iPhone at its central development center in Gujarat, India.