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Subventionne par l'Union Europeenne (UE), le projet Med-Phares vise a definir des strategies pour la gestion integree des phares, semaphores et balises qui constituent des elements uniques du patrimoine historique et culturel de la zone mediterraneenne.
Semaphore is a visual system for sending messages employed by one person using two flags that are held one in each hand.
4 On first impression The Semaphore looks like any other traditional country pub, with beamed ceilings, cosy seating in front of a log burner and the locals propping up the bar, but situated inside DRUID great food pub (01352 BERWYN LLANDRILLO, The Semaphore is Choi''s Restaurant.
Semaphore provides effective, rapid and accurate control of, and access to, unstructured content with a speed, accuracy and intelligence not achievable today through existing systems that are strained from soaring information volumes.
Statistical counters of ups (also known as signal) and downs (also known as wait) operations on the semaphore.
Two of the tools can batch their analysis functions, while only one, Semaphore, lets you analyze files for specific problems such as excessive quantization levels, dropped frames, or audio levels that are too high or too low.
As the title suggests, Office Semaphore was an apparatus for communication, an aim that may be achieved with scant resources.
In some ways, Going Postal is two books in one; an eerie tale of an office haunted by its post, and a searing attack on corporate corruption as exemplified by the Grand Trunk semaphore company.
UK-based design and branding consultancy Semaphore Marketing has created a new web site for contact data management company UKChanges that is designed to present the company's image in a new way.
QuickFill now supports Semaphore Corporation's ZP4 Software, an inexpensive address and certification program.
the uncertainty of its footing, of the semaphore of gulls and crows
TERRY YORATH'S touchline semaphore sent defender Jon Dyson up into the Wolves penalty area for a life-saving 90th-minute winner.