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PUNCTUATION, construction. The act or method of placing points (q.v.) in a written or printed instrument.
     2. By the word point is here understood all the points in grammar, as the comma, the semicolon, the colon, and the like.
     3. All such instruments are to be construed without any regard to the punctuation; and in a case of doubt, they ought to be construed in such a manner that they may have some effect, rather than in one in which they would be nugatory. Vide Toull. liv. 3, t. 2, c. 5, n. 430; 4 T. R. 65; Barringt. on the Stat. 394, n. Vide article Points.

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Ellenberger uses a colon after the proverb where Mofolo uses a semicolon and so avoids Mofolo's conjunction.
The semicolon following the phrase is not unusual; our current conventions of punctuation would have us deploy a colon in the same place, but a semicolon clarifies apposition between "we are" and "one equal temper .
Netizens have taken to posting photos of heir semicolon "ink" on social media, and/or cap these with #semicolonproject or #projectsemicolon.
The semicolon is like an equal sign; it tells the reader that on each side is an independent sentence.
Some students talked confidently about a grammar point, but revealed insecure understanding when applying it, for example a boy who described learning how to use a semicolon as 'pretty magnificent for myself.
Although some authors put emphasis on syntax and others on pauses and/or voice modulation, in general terms, they agree on the repertory of marks included in their accounts--the comma, the colon, the full stop, the note of admiration and the note of interrogation; the semicolon and the parenthesis being omitted in some of them--and those who deal with other characters distinguish this set as primary points or points related to the sentence.
Regrettably I'm not allowed to get my feverish mitts on the semicolons, which are locked in a reinforced safe in the ed's office.
When I stumble across a fresh idea like the semicolon story, the first thing I want to know is: How did he think that up?
Nor did I advocate 'losing, the semicolon, merely moving it to a less-central position, e.
If you write a paragraph in English and you put a semicolon or comma in the wrong place, people will still understand what you're talking about," Kelleher says.
Since the keypad is the same," her first text message went, punctuated by semicolon emoticons expressing effusiveness and embarrassment, "I can write the same way.
Helpful hints such as use of the semicolon to suppress output and asterisks to comment lines of text are interspaced throughout these chapters.