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This report critically examines and provides extensive insights into the state of the Global Semiconductor Industry, including current market size, market segmentation, semiconductor equipment market, forecast across segments, major players and their market shares, end user analysis, regional market analysis, Trend Analysis, key industry drivers etc.
Figure 4-2: Worldwide - Semiconductor Industry Segmentation by Sales (%), 2006
0 is the newest version of the company's semiconductor design data management (DDM) platform and is the first unified DDM system to span the entire semiconductor design chain, from specification through the completed integrated circuit.
We expect our new status as a publicly traded company to provide Jazz Semiconductor with greater financial flexibility as we grow our business organically and through strategic acquisitions.
Speaking at the release of the report, Shri Prithviraj Chavan said, "The study helps gauge the industry's strengths, challenges faced by the industry and highlights key imperatives for continued growth in the Semiconductor Design industry.
Speaking on the theme of the conference Shri Pallam Raju, Minister of State for Defence said, "As the world heads towards increasing usage of high-end electronics in security and surveillance in weapons and missiles, space and network centric warfare, it will lead to significant developments in the sector that will spurt the growth of the electronics in the semiconductor industry.
Will there be double-digit growth for the semiconductor industry in the 1st half of 2007?
With closer integration of semiconductor packaging and PCB assembly services, packaging and chip design have started to dictate terms to the SMT industry.
The agreement includes Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) and Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI) technologies as well as advanced semiconductor research and design enablement transitioning at the 45-nanometer generation.
Shri Pallam Raju Minister of State for Defence and a qualified professional with roots in the semiconductor industry would speak on this theme at the inauguration.
Eyelit's vice-president of sales and business development, Dan Estrada will speak next week, January 18th, at the upcoming FOA Quarterly meeting to be held at ON Semiconductor in Phoenix.
It also plans to transfer additional assembly and test lines for 8MOS, TO-22OF/P products for Fairchild Korea Semiconductor Co.