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The girl was found semiconscious on a pavement near the Central Conservative Club in Oxford early on Thursday.
The hidden symptom in sexual dysfunction is a semiconscious admission of negative images about the sexual problem.
She was allegedly attacked by a waiter while apparently lying semiconscious in a hotel toilet.
More informationShare with a FriendCheck Avaliable Categories Don't give fluids to an unconscious or semiconscious person; fluids may enter his windpipe and cause suffocation.
Somehow in her semiconscious state, she remembered me saying the night before that the propane tank was getting real low.
The clandestine pre-dawn operation in a small private hospital ended with the man and wife being dumped semiconscious in taxis -- the payment for their kidneys tucked into their clothes, they say.
Kieta kept punching, pounding and squeezing Castro until he went limp, semiconscious from shock.
Mrs Office,74, also of St Stephens Way, was found semiconscious at her home and taken to hospital where she died.
Perhaps the fumes that emanate from a post-match moob are so powerful you become semiconscious and forget about your loss right away.
Fellow paramedic Phil Guthrie tries to hold a sick bowl under her chin while propping up a semiconscious man called Dave and trying to bandage the bleeding head of a paralytic OAP who's just lost control of his bowels.
The man reportedly arrived semiconscious on a flight from Vietnam operated by Vietnam Airways on 27 September and medical personnel in protective suits boarded the aircraft to isolate the passenger.
Brett DeMott didn't catch the names of the two women who stopped after he'd set out traffic cones from his construction truck to protect the semiconscious bobcat as traffic zipped by on a blind curve.