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He was semiconscious when fishermen picked him up and nursed him for five days before handing him to Indonesian officials.
Paul Davies, the head of a team of consultant spinal surgeons at the Cardiff teaching hospital and a specialist in emergency trauma injuries, said the dancer was semiconscious - ona coma-scalemeasuring six out of 15 - and was in shock when he arrived.
A further surprise suggests a possible strategy: A dose of an anesthetic can, paradoxically, briefly increase alertness in people just beginning to enter anesthesia or in a semiconscious state from an injury.
In the automobile, Lieutenant Landrum found the semiconscious, incoherent driver behind the wheel, as an engine fire caused by a broken fuel line quickly approached the driver's seat.
Police arrived to find her lying on her back, semiconscious and covered in blood.
Black and White Trypps Number Three (2007) spotlights a cluster of fans, packed body to body, dancing at a Lightning Bolt show, looking greasy, desperate, and semiconscious.
The trial at Cardiff Magistrates' Court has heard police found Bates semiconscious and bleeding from a head wound on the stairs of a restaurant in the city.
Haunted Passages, an 80s retro choice, does not show its age, being concerned with the semiconscious mind-drifting of presleep.
The owner's semiconscious guests recover when the radio blares out that the Egyptian Army has been defeated.
The hidden symptom in sexual dysfunction is a semiconscious admission of negative images about the sexual problem.
She was allegedly attacked by a waiter while apparently lying semiconscious in a hotel toilet.

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