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LUNAR. That which belongs to the moon; relating to the moon as a lunar month. See Month.

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After the fourth night following a full or new moon (the fifth night of each observation series), numbers of birds significantly declined, and birds remained scarce at night until the next semilunar high tide.
In some vespertilionids (such as Eptesicus, Perimyotis, Myotis, Lasionycteris), the ulna has a small or absent olecranon process, is unfused at the semilunar notch but fused slightly more distally along the shaft beneath or just distal to the semilunar notch, and contributes its own separate, small articular facet to the semilunar notch.
Cada cuspide apresentava forma semilunar, com uma base comparada a um arco de convexidade caudal e concavidade cranial, a qual se inseria em toda a circunferencia do vaso, e uma margem livre voltada para a base do coracao (Figura 1).
2] indicates pulmonary hypertension (with RV overload) or congenital heart disease involving the semilunar valves.
Gingival recession usually corrected by a number of procedures including Lateral pedicle flaps (4), Coronally positioned flap (5), Free gingival autografts (6), Semilunar coronally repositioned flap (7), Subepithelial connective tissue autografts (8) and Guided tissue regeneration (GTR) procedures (9).
The sensory root expands to become the semilunar shaped Gasserian ganglion, which divides into the three peripheral sensory branches: ophthalmic, maxillary, and mandibular (Table 1).
Myringiotomy with tube insertion 615 Phacoemulsification and aspiration of cataract 572 Tonsillectomy with adenoidectomy 330 Excision of semilunar cartilage of knee 260 Vitrectomy 214 Excision of laryngeal lesions 206 Excision of lesion of knee joint 200 Carpal tunnel repair 198 Hernia repair 190 Excision of breat lesion 187 Most Common Diagnoses No.
There was parallel clustering of high- and low-rate areas for knee procedures including synovectomy, arthrodesis, and excision of semilunar cartilage.
Bipalium kewense Moseley, 1878 (Family Bipaliidae von Graff, 1896) -- Body elongate, strape-shaped; head semilunar with posterior margin virtually straight without recurved auricles.