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For seminal vesicle-derived tumours, pelvic cavity CT and MRI have significant advantages for determining the origin and extent of space-occupying lesions and whether they have invaded adjacent tissues.
used the metabolomics profiling of human seminal plasma to analyze the different groups of infertile men compared to fertile with proven fertility.
On MRI, seminal vesicle cysts are in a characteristic periprostatic and paramedian location, with bright signal on T2-weighted images, variable signal intensity on T1-weighted images, depending on the amount of protein or blood content, and no contrast enhancement.
Characterization of alkaline phosphatase activity in seminal plasma and in fresh and frozen-thawed stallion spermatozoa.
Primary seminal vesicle cystadenoma, which frequently involves middle-aged and elderly men, is a benign tumor originating from the embryological residues of the mullerian ducts.
The supernatant of seminal plasma was carefully removed, transferred to Eppendorf tubes and frozen at -80[degrees]C until examination for antioxidant activities.
[25] have reported that seminal plasma and sperm contain this receptor [26].
Those males with fast sperm fertilized more eggs, and the seminal fluid from males with fast sperm sped up the sperm of other males," said Patrice Rosengrave, a member of the team.
Additionally, Vx associated cases were verified to have increased seminal OS as well as seminal apoptotic markers [8-10].
Ectopic ureteral insertion into the seminal vesicle associated with ipsilateral renal dysplasia