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2) The maldevelopment of the distal mesonephric duct and faulty ureteral budding may lead to renal agenesis or dysplasia, and atresia of the ejaculatory duct may cause obstruction and cystic dilatation of the seminal vesicle.
All specimens larger than 181 cm TL were mature, with sperm aggregates present in the seminal vesicle (Fig.
Seminal vesicle fluid is alkaline, rich in flavin that is responsible for semen color and contributes 70% of the semen volume.
Sagittal sections of the genital pore region of worms in Brazilian patients showed the cirrus sac lying horizontally with the seminal vesicle lying dorsocaudal to it, as described by Dick et el.
Loss of the second portion of the ejaculate, composed primarily of seminal vesicle secretions, results in increased pH, decreased volume, increased sperm concentration caused by lack of diluting effect from seminal vesical secretions, and lack of coagulum formation.
Seminal vesicle free in parenchyma, sometimes coiled; oral sucker large, terminal; gonotyl present in some genera; pre- and post-acetabular pits usually present .
Since most of the semen comes from the seminal vesicles and prostate (>90%), low semen volume means that either:
Effects of drug treatments after 45 days on body, testicular, epididymal and seminal vesicle weights in wistar rats Treatment Group Body weight (gr) Initial Final Group I (Control) 251 [+ or -] 18.