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In addition to making the financial reporting program a perennial part of the Institute's educational offerings, the Continuing Education Committee has decided to supplement this year's core two-day financial reporting seminar with an optional one-day Back to Basics FAS 109 workshop.
If you would have told me ten years ago that marketing seminars, having celebrity 'guest' farm broadcasters and doing on-line newsletters would be a very important of our business, I would have said you're crazy.
The Teacher Orientation Seminar committee, composed of elementary, secondary, and physical education faculty, in the College of Education and Professional Studies, developed the following key components of the Teacher Orientation Seminar.
28--The Rent Stabilization Association will offer a seminar entitled "Managing Rent Regulated Property in New York City: Housing Court" from 9:00 a.
The freshman seminar program is managed by the Student Advising and Learning Center.
Four years ago we began having a sales person at our seminars as well as having a booth at other tax seminar venues.
A DLIS team will return to Poland to conduct an advanced seminar and consultation in October 2003.
Atlanta, North: The Food Romance Connection: Free Seminar.
The seminar included an overview of the changes required as a result of the new pronouncements as well as a nuts-and-bolts session on how entries would have to be recorded in financial statements.
The main idea of the Switzer Seminar was to study a topic in depth that was of importance to the area of disability and to the persons being served in the Field of Rehabilitation.

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