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It was further concluded that both mental and physical cancer related fatigue had significant impact on psychological semiology among cancer patients.
Majority of the vesicular stage NCC had GTCS but the distribution in the semiology of seizures with respect to the stages of NCC was statistically insignificant (p = 0.538).
Each file had a numeric identification code, which facilitated the matching process of the files with the socio-demographic and semiology document sheets.
While there is no doubt that such materialist structuralist models of signification formed an important counterpart to the linguistic structuralist semiology at the center of French theories of the '60s, their invocation in Huyghe's work leaves us with the question as to what agency--if any--a fully overdetermined and controlled natural environment, as an insurmountable limit of human behavior, might still permit.
In my view, the most reprehensible feature of this manual is the excessive, inappropriate use made of it, particularly in clinical and academic spheres, in a misguided attempt to replace the teaching and practice of accurate clinical interviews, semiology, and psychopathology, and abandon classical readings.
Our patient had seizure semiology of falling, tonic spasm of limbs, oral automatism, vocalization, and hypermotor activities.
Taking into account the high cost and difficulty of analyzing blood samples for large studies that assess micronutrient deficits in the population, semiology stands out as a methodological strategy for initial screening.
Cryptogenic 11 4 5 1 21 Total 200 Table 2: Semiology in Relation to Cause Semiology Infections Vascular Metabolic Neoplastic GTCS 68 28 21 1 Simple 2 Complex 3 2 1 20 Generalised 11 8 1 3 Status Epilepticus 3 2 1 Semiology Toxins Defaulters Cryptogenic Others GTCS 5 13 17 3 Simple Complex 20 Generalised 1 1 1 Status Epilepticus 1 3 Table 3: AES Patients with Various Aetiology Aetiology Male Female JE 4 2 HSV 0 2 TBM 1 2 Unknown 20 6 Dengue 0 1 Malaria 1 1 Typhoid 1 1 Total 27 15 Fig.
* There must be correlation shown between semiology (clinical presentation, e.g.
Last but not least stroke, the third cause of death worldwide, has very unique sex and gender based symptomatology and semiology.
Since then the field has further solidified through a number of works, most notably Christian Wedemeyer's Making Sense of Tantric Buddhism: History, Semiology, and Transgression in the Indian Traditions, and in numerous articles by Robert Gimello, as well as in the chapters of the recent volume Esoteric Buddhism and the Tantras in East Asia, edited by Charles Orzech, Henrik Sorensen, and Richard Payne (but also, and importantly, in a range of recently completed doctoral dissertations that should soon see the lights of revision and publication).
Semiology of lung ultrasonography--Dynamic monitoring available at the patient's bedside **