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Thus, while agricultural development has been concerted and unrelenting on three fronts-land reform, food production and cooperatives' development-we have with equal energy taken firm steps to meet the long semiprocessed goods industry through the establishment of more factories and industries.
The coca leaves are grown mainly in Bolivia and in Peru and are then shipped in semiprocessed form to Colombia and Mexico, where they are converted into cocaine.
His frustration has led him to empty the system every two weeks and cart pails of semiprocessed compost--de facto raw sewage--to the holding tank formerly used during pail service.
In international trade, it is mostly traded as unprocessed rhizomes, with semiprocessed products such as essential oil and marc (exhausted rhizomes after oil extraction) in smaller amounts (Mulliken 2000, Olsen 2005, Mulliken and Crofton 2008).
Coffee production was already expected to weigh in at some 5,300 tons of semiprocessed beans, compared with 7,100 tons in the previous season and an initial plan of 8,500 tons.
In particular, if the elasticity of supply is perfect (which might be achieved with an infinite stock of semiprocessed product),
Following poultry outbreaks of H5N1 avian flu in many countries, an outbreak of HSNI at a turkey farm in the UK in early February 2007 has proved to be essentially identical to the strain that occurred in two flocks of geese in Hungary in late January 2007, and investigations have concluded that the most plausible vector was imported semiprocessed raw turkey meat from Hungary; that there was no evidence that any meat entered the UK food chain from the restricted zones in Hungary; and that the risk to the health of the workers in the processing plant, or the wider poultry farm was very low.
With the specific case of Latin America in mind, in which raw materials are often inputs into semiprocessed or processed exports, Lopez (1989) also develops a two-good model of a resource-rich open economy in which the open access renewable resource serves as an input into an enclave export processing sector.
Semiprocessed HVPs showed much less growth in exports, averaging only 2% yearly from 1989 to 2002.
Type A concerns international trade within the primary value system, as when semiprocessed products such as textiles or processed materials are exported to other countries where they are further processed.
For industry, the likes of Rahbekfisk and Findus are supplied with blocks, fillets and semiprocessed salmon.
CEC allows each radar to provide semiprocessed data to all other ships, supports a common data-fusion algorithm, and creates a consolidated track.