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Liability for third-party faxing services: A company that hires a third party to send faxes on its behalf is liable if the third party sends unsolicited advertisements.
It is easy for any site that believes canceling spam threatens free speech to block the cancels and send an unfiltered newsfeed.
The current users alone, then, have the potential capability to send a million outgoing messages per hour and that is only the beginning.
Then we could give them a variance and we send an inspector to check, but every two years the variance has to be renewed by the Window Guard Policy Board.
Send a personalized business greeting card to stay top-of-mind with customers and prospects.
Once a school gathers the numbers the next step is to request permission to send text messages.
Jefferson Elementary, for example, sends its mail in care of the brother of a nurse's aide at the school.
That's why so many 'old' marketers want to send unsolicited e-mails.
The bill calls for increased penalties for certain techniques commonly used by spammers, including "dictionary attacks" (the establishment of numerous e mail accounts to make spam more difficult to track and block) and the hijacking of other computers or computer networks to send or relay spam.
2nd issue: Send just the newsletter, or perhaps include a "continuation notice" with it.
ListProc can send group or individual messages, archive mail and provide subscription confirmation.
After all, if email could easily send paper documents, was more easily addressed to any recipient (think phone numbers), and still worked on top of the existing IP infrastructure, it might be a universal business tool, instead of adding yet another flow of information, as it does now.