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WorldRemit enables the Ghanaian diaspora to send money home in a few taps from their phones without having to travel to an agent, lowering costs and increasing speed and convenience.
Send the fruit to Saigon via the truck, the sender can exchange directly with the truck driver with the specific requirements when moving.
Tap "Send Money," which brings up Google Wallet to the screen without leaving the app
Send Anywhere is available for free now and is compatible with the major operating systems for smartphones (Android, iOS, Windows, and Kindle) and for desktop (Windows, Windows 8, Mac OSX, and Linux).
Brent Young, CEO of announced cost effective file sending and sharing plans saying, “ is an online file sending and sharing website that lets you upload, send and share large files and attachments in fraction of few seconds.
Dave White, Oldfield "We send texts and receive texts back - we'll send about a dozen or so to close friends and family."
Peter says he and his wife will try harder to send cards for next Christmas
"Mail Goggles" forces users to solve five simple math problems in less than a minute in order to send a Gmail missive.
In a partnership with XTEND Communications Corp., the company can send alerts to all students, or segments of a student population.
Choose a tag with a gift suggestion from the trees at Ray's Food Place and Siuslaw Bank or send donations to 40 W.
Machines send out their own mapping, and each retains a table of mappings.
In 2002 it positioned itself in the Spanish market as a strong competitor to the remittance agencies, launching a creative initiative known as multichannel transfers that allow a customer to send money not only via the bank itself by also through ATMs (using a special envelope for remittances) and by text message from a cellular phone.