send an order

References in classic literature ?
Shuttleworthy had a sad habit of swearing, although he seldom went beyond "Od rot me," or "By gosh," or "By the jolly golly,") -- "Od rot me," says he, "if I don't send an order to town this very afternoon for a double box of the best that can be got, and I'll make ye a present of it, I will
But a report yesterday claimed different reasons were behind the decision to send an order for explosive charges to South Africa.
Resellers can send an order for a new account and have the entire procedure completed immediately.
Traders and investors are now able to click on a bid or ask within a NexTrend Level II window and send an order directly to an exchange, Market Maker or ECN through MB Trading's Sophisticated Management and Routing Technology (S.
They also have the option to send an order to their preferred web grocer.
People interested in placing orders or learning more about the program can also call 877/995-2002, fax 678/475-5891 or send an order form or inquiry to: Olympic Legacy Brick Program, P.
From now on, they can centralize their purchases, send an order one day and receive their merchandise the next, depending on the region they are located in, and in the process, they can control their inventory more efficiently.