send forth

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They send forth into the world the seal of quality 'Made in Germany' and with it a piece of Leipzig,' he added.
These and other initiatives will remain in our range fan as we continue to field the best-trained and best-supported Infantrymen our nation can send forth in defense of her global interests.
Send forth your Spirit and we shall be created, and you shall renew the face of the earth.
Those fruit bushes have curled up their buds tightly and are in a deep winter slumber just waiting for those warm spring days to burst into life and send forth lots of blossom.
Herbaceous perennials die down to the ground every season and send forth new growth.
synonyms: gleam, sparkle, and glitter mean to send forth light.
FROM this weekly page, undecked with boughs, unfortified with mistletoe, I send forth tinselled greetings as of old, to friends, to readers, to strangers of many conditions in many places.
Live your life with the knowledge that our actions send forth ripples, and that it is a measure of our days whether those ripples make waves that change the world for the better.
From its first track "Sons of Avarice" with its harsh and real description of how those in power send forth those about to die in a desert, straight through to the last song, it never lets up.
Send Forth Your Light: A Vision for Peace, Mission, and Worship.
The Romanian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Adrian Cioroianu, announced in a Romanian newspaper that his country could send forth 170 men and experts for the future rule of law' mission led by the EU in Kosovo.
If you send forth a raven, you get back what ravens gather.