send home

See: dispel
References in classic literature ?
You have only to write to your tailors, or send home for a spare suit of clothes,--with a little managing yours would just fit me, you're not so much taller,--and then we could start, like two comrades, seeking adventures.
If you could send home word," she whispered, "that he was ill, that anything had happened to him, that he was not likely to return--our fortunes would be made--yours and mine.
The tribal elder had given an ultimatum of 72 hours to the authorities to send home the retired reader to APA for taking bribes from locals and his conspiracies against the locals.
Gary chose to send home James Michael, whilst Louis booted out the singing soldier Jonjo.
Outraged parents of pupils at the prestigious Grace Academy, in Solihull, warned the school's move to send home students who failed to comply with uniform regulations could have disastrous consequences.
Now Victor Chandler are betting on the first nation in South Africa to send home a player for disciplinary reasons.
The hundreds of associations - built up over decades by tens of thousands of expatriates who send home billions of dollars a year - are increasingly flexing their political muscle on this side of the U.
Cultural connections and a shared language have turned the European country into an attraction for Latin Americans on the move, each of them arriving looking for a better life, yet leaving home with the same dream: Crossing the Atlantic will mean making enough money to send home a little each month, to help family that will stay in Latin America.
Immigrants begin testifying to the crowd--which now includes two men from Vigo--about the importance of the money they send home.
A mystery rash has spread through a Welsh school which has had to send home 140 pupils and two staff members in just over a week.
The Army linked up with the Examiner to arrange for these members of the 1st Battalion, the Duke of Wellington Regiment (the West Riding) to send home these messages while they are on duty.
For this program, teachers send home books each day with each student.