send money

See: remit
References in classic literature ?
Not but that it's good, of course, to send money to the heathen, and I shouldn't want 'em not to send SOME there," sighed Pollyanna to herself, as she trudged sorrowfully along.
He promised to send money home from America by post twice a year.
Customers in Japan will now be able to send money to family and friends worldwide, using a mobile phone, tablet or computer -- cutting out the need to travel to agent locations or bank branches during business hours.
Customers in Hawaii can now send money to over 140 destinations as easily as sending an instant message, using the WorldRemit smartphone app or website.
If you owe your friend cab fare or your half of yesterday's lunch bill, you can now send money through the Gmail app on your Android device, (https://blog.
MoneyGram has started to offer its customers in France, Germany, Ireland, Italy and Spain a way to send money to their personal naira bank accounts at competitive exchange rates.
Customers in 52 countries can now send money transfers from the WorldRemit app direct to any bank account in Egypt.
The offer has been designed to reward Ooredoo Mobile Money customers who use the service to send money overseas to family members and friends.
We are keenly aware of how much struggle each of our consumer goes through to send money back home.
Global Banking News-September 7, 2011--Meezan Bank to allow citizens to send money home through Ria(C)2011 ENPublishing - http://www.