send money

See: remit
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Not but that it's good, of course, to send money to the heathen, and I shouldn't want 'em not to send SOME there," sighed Pollyanna to herself, as she trudged sorrowfully along.
He promised to send money home from America by post twice a year.
These lower transfer fees, will bring respite to the African nationals who live and work in the UAE and pay high transfer fees to send money back to their loved ones.
These kiosks help Xpress Money customers take control of the process of sending money by enabling them to do so through a simple, easy-to-use touch screen unit; customers will be able to send money anytime of the day and to anywhere in the world, using these kiosks.
The move to scale down its retail service has left Indians,who were dependent on the bank to send remittance home,displeased as this was among few avenues to send money to their relatives in India without paying high transfer costs.
In terms of regions, South Asia was ranked as the least costly region to send money to, with costs averaging 5.
The offer, will give users QR100 free in their Mobile Wallet when they use the service to send money to the Philippines for three months in a row.
Account holders may also exchange currencies whenever they choose and send money internationally.
Azimo, an online money transfer service has disclosed that clients across Europe can now send money to the mobile wallets of M-Pesa s 19 million subscribers in Kenya.
At the end of last year, when the ODI did its research, the fees and charges to send money to most of Africa were around 12%--a bit less to Zambia or Tanzania, a bit more to Uganda, Malawi and the Gambia--against a world average of just over 8%.
According to TechCrunch, Glass users have to be signed in to a computer to install the Wallet service on their devices, and after setting the service up from there, they are ready to send money from Glass.