send regrets

See: refuse
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You send regrets for invitations to reunions, knowing you'd only be the pesky seatmate, constantly asking people to repeat everything because you didn't hear a word that was said.
But if this is strictly social, then it's hard to see how you all aren't openly using this person, so send regrets. If you're ostracized for it, your integrity can keep you warm.
Carbon footprint, C02, sheep jumpers, thank goodness I had to send regrets. It would have been the end of my image, my career.
This time around, a scheduling conflict stirred speculation that hardline secularists were searching for an excuse to send regrets to the president.
Robert Thomson, editor of the (Murdoch-owned) London Times, was invited to meet Bush at the White House November 12, a week before Bush's flight to London but, so the Financial Times later reported, had to send regrets. He'd already promised to attend a party in London hosted by Murdoch, the annual gathering of his top seventy global executives.
Please send regrets to: Toshimasa Yoshiie (