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After two mail servers establish a connection with each other, they initiate a dialog in which the sending mail server tells the receiving server who the next email message is from, and to whom it is being sent.
Not satisfied with using the e-mail and Messenger systems, spammers are also sending text solicitations to cell phones and faxes, neither of which utilities, I am happy to say, I use.
2214, the Reduction in Distribution (RID) of Spam Act--would allow consumers to opt-out of receiving commercial e-mail, prohibit the sending of a message containing a false sender identity, and provide criminal and civil penalties to fight fraudulent spam.
The person sending the documents didn't have to know anything about that printer, other than its name or IP address.
When sending a message, double-check your recipient's address.
You want to make sure the small lock icon in the bottom corner of your browser is closed before sending address or credit card information over the Web.
In fact, fax modems cut the amount of time that everyone in the office, from executives to secretaries, spends preparing the sending memos, reports, and general correspondence.
For sending the best reproduced photos or illustrations, a machine with 32 or 64 gray scales is advised.

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