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expressed their opinion that legislation should allow consumers to opt-out of messages from the company sending the e-mail as well as its affiliates.
Nault originally was charged with seven felony counts of sending harmful information through e-mail with the intent to seduce a minor.
Jean Dahlberg, a court reporter who lives in Calabasas, was sending off gifts to local agencies she works with throughout the year.
Parents who used to be called bigots are now considered conscientious for only sending their sons and daughters to schools where everyone looks just like their sons and daughters.
If content exceeds defined thresholds, Guardian implements defined workflow that includes: not sending the message, terminating the IM conversation, requiring confirmation before sending or even transparently asking for supervisor approval.
It costs her about $25 more than sending the money orders via express mail, but the extra cost is worth it because Dinero Seguro is trouble-free for her family, she said.
Instead of sending text messages to an overhead screen at a concert venue or nightclub, viewers can send messages and see them displayed right on TV.
The Hornets made one other deal, sending swingman Scott Burrell to the Golden State Warriors for forward Donald Royal.
And, as they pointed out, it's one thing to consider sending humans to a sterile planet, a dead wasteland.
Thousands of fans are jumping on board every day, inside and outside the concert arena, sending messages at a cost of $2.

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