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SEN. This is said to be an ancient word which signified justice. Co. Litt. 61 a.

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In having Ball quote Cicero, Robert Penn Warren seems to be supporting the ancient Roman belief evident earlier in De Senectute that senes (old men) who worked on farms by day and served the Roman government at certain times were the origin of the senators of Rome.
Rates of new cases of type 1 diabetes peaked in the 10-14 age group at 32 per 100,000 people: a rate 5 times as high as for those aged 40-44,' Ms Senes said.
US delegate Chuck Blazer, Chung Mong Joon of Korea, Senes Irzik of Turkey, Rafael Salguero of Guatemala, Ivory Coast's Jacques Anouma and Marios Lefkaritis of Cyprus all indicated their support.
Fenerbahce staying in the groupstages also brings UEFA's senior vicepresident Senes Erzik, who is from Turkey, on board the campaign to allow Liverpool to become a fifth English side in Europe's elite club competition.
Lennart Johansson - UEFA President - Swedish; Dr Joseph Mifsud - President, Malta FA; Angel Maria Villar Llona (third vice-president) - Spanish FA; Franco Carraro - President, Italian Football Federation; Senes Erzik (UEFA vice-president) Honorary President, Turkish FA; Marios N.
FA chairman Geoff Thompson and Turkey's UEFA and FIFA member Senes Erzik were leading the respective delegations meeting UEFA chief executive Gerhard Aigner in Nyon.
According to the five-phase Senes plan, each package could be completed in a year.
Christian, and then, in turn, upon the other two men, "he says, 'a villa in senatum arcessebatur et Curius et ceteri senes, exquo qui eos arcessebant viatores nominati sunt.
RD 554 - 200 PR 94 PR 94 has 500 - Common Sollies-Pont - spatial intersection of Senes - earthworks, sewerage, roads and other networks.