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Inclusion Criteria were patients undergoing manual SICS with a PC IOL implantation, age group between 50 to 70 years and patients with senile cataract up to Grade 3 nuclear sclerosis.
This prospective, single-centered, observational study included 92 patients who were evaluated in the Mevlana University Faculty of Medicine Ophthalmology Clinic and scheduled for routine clear corneal phacoemulsification surgery under topical anesthesia for senile cataract.
These eye drops have been considered to be promising with respect to treatment/prevention of senile cataract in human eyes and showed good ocular tolerability for up to 6 [18] and 9 [19] months.
When zinc levels in lenses with mature senile cataract were compared with those in lenses with traumatic cataract, those with senile cataract had lower levels.
Even though most cataracts occur later in life, Bunce and Hess say there is little doubt that oxidation, "especially at the lens cell membrane, is an early event in the genesis of most senile cataracts.
Lens induced glaucoma is characterised by secondary glaucoma in one eye with senile mature cataract, senile hypermature cataract, rarely immature senile cataract.
Group C: Senile cataract patients; at least in one eye undergoing cataract surgery (ages 50-60 years).
1,2) Aging is accompanied by a higher incidence of sight-reducing conditions such as senile cataract, age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and diabetic retinopathy.
Methods: This was a randomized double-blind clinical trial comprising of 62 eyes in 62 patients with senile cataract without using any viscoelastics.
26) In fact, one study found that those with serum levels of beta-carotene in the lowest third of the distribution had almost a threefold risk of senile cataract.
All the major types of senile cataract were seen in increased frequency in infrared- exposed workers in this investigation.
All senile cataract patients above the 50 years of age selected for surgery.