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We need to wait for a senior court decision on the subject and I am ready to represent someone on such a claim.
The number will reduce later this year when two senior Court of Appeal judges, Erastus Githinji and Alnashir Visram, retire.
In two separate representations submitted to the administration committee of the LHC, senior court assistant Akmal Khan and personal assistant Irfan Zia Butt submitted that the governor had recently approved a policy for promotions of officers to the next regular grade who have served in the same scale even when they had the opportunity of promotion, but were not promoted due to less number of posts in the upper tier.
A senior court official is on the spot over the manner in which he handled a case where an old man was attacked and seriously injured by a young man.
Criticising the high court for "ignoring evidence", Justice Khosa said that high court is a senior court and if a judge cannot do justice he should go home".
The News' senior court report Sohail Khan also appeared in court on Thursday.
Muhammad Akmal Khan, senior court associate/DRR Civil, filed the appeal submitting that he was neither considered in 2009 for promotion nor he was considered subsequently in later years 2015 and 2017.
Oscon quickly deflected insinuations that the court employees were forced by some senior court officials to release the statement, saying the Chief Justice had already lost the support of the judiciary's employees when she failed to deal with their concerns.
But a senior court official told Iran's Fars news agency that no hearing would be held.
A HIGHLY regarded senior court prosecutor who stabbed his wife in the head as she slept after a bout of depression brought on by the pressures of work has been jailed for six years.
Highly-regarded senior court prosecutor Iain Farrimond had enjoyed a "good career" with the Crown Prosecution Service but attacked his wife in their bedroom in "desperation" at his situation, the day before their wedding anniversary.
A highly regarded senior court prosecutor stabbed his wife in the head as she slept after a bout of depression brought on by the pressures of work.

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