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The case was decided in July when senior court official Master Gidden ruled that the company had no chance of winning.
The European Court of Justice (the most senior court in UK law, trumping even our own Supreme Court) has just confirmed that technical faults are the airlines' fault except in extraordinary circumstances.
Senior court official Ferenc Bicskei said the suspects face prison terms ranging from two to 16 years each if found guilty of human trafficking alone.
The UAE's most senior court backed prosecutors in a judgment issued this week.
A senior court official with close knowledge of the case also confirmed the news, which emerged in a report in Britain's Mirror newspaper.
GORDON MCILWRAITH was the Daily Record's senior court reporter for many years until his retirement.
Pistorius, who has pleaded not guilty, was expected to take the stand last week but was not given the chance to testify after the case was adjourned until April 7 because a senior court official was sick, the report added.
In conjunction with the Senior Court Automation Specialist and the Process Engineering Specialist, develop comprehensive work plans for each of the courts where they will manage implementations;
In yet another setback for Turkey's Prime Minister Recep Tayip Erdogan, a senior court has ruled against police prosecutors giving up the information used to charge government officials and their relatives of corruption.
A senior court official told Reuters that prosecutors had found fingerprint and photographic evidence linking a Golden Dawn member to gang attacks on opposition activists and immigrants.
ISLAMABAD - A senior court for Pakistan's tribal area on Thursday ruled that the imprisonment of a Pakistani doctor who allegedly helped the Central Intelligence Agency find Osama bin Laden is illegal, fueling speculation that a deal is in the offing to swap him for an al-Qaida-linked Pakistani doctor imprisoned in the United States.
A senior court official briefed the minister and the accompanying delegation on how the court operated.

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