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Oscon quickly deflected insinuations that the court employees were forced by some senior court officials to release the statement, saying the Chief Justice had already lost the support of the judiciary's employees when she failed to deal with their concerns.
LAHORE -- A senior court associate of the Lahore High Court (LHC) has urged Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar to take suo motu notice against alleged out-of-turn promotions in the hierarchy of the high court and a 'vindictive' inquiry initiated against him for agitating the irregularities.
But a senior court official told Iran's Fars news agency that no hearing would be held.
On Friday, the website of Spain's most senior court became the latest crippled by a cyber attack as hackers launched an "Operation Free Catalonia" campaign.
A HIGHLY regarded senior court prosecutor who stabbed his wife in the head as she slept after a bout of depression brought on by the pressures of work has been jailed for six years.
Highly-regarded senior court prosecutor Iain Farrimond had enjoyed a "good career" with the Crown Prosecution Service but attacked his wife in their bedroom in "desperation" at his situation, the day before their wedding anniversary.
A highly regarded senior court prosecutor stabbed his wife in the head as she slept after a bout of depression brought on by the pressures of work.
The case was decided in July when senior court official Master Gidden ruled that the company had no chance of winning.
The European Court of Justice (the most senior court in UK law, trumping even our own Supreme Court) has just confirmed that technical faults are the airlines' fault except in extraordinary circumstances.
The book traces how these paintings became connected with concepts of imperial authority, as members of imperial families and senior court eunuchs became patrons of the art and shapers of its iconography.
The UAE's most senior court backed prosecutors in a judgment issued this week.
A senior court official with close knowledge of the case also confirmed the news, which emerged in a report in Britain's Mirror newspaper.

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