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SEN. This is said to be an ancient word which signified justice. Co. Litt. 61 a.

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Garrett SH, Sens MA, Shukla D, Nestor, S, Somji S, Todd JH, Sens DA.
As prior to the restructuring, only the SENs holders will continue to benefit from the existing and future export receivables and from the right to control of such cash flows should certain cash trapping events occur.
Fitch has affirmed the Series B1 SEN notes, which mature on Nov.
If the negotiations at Asarco continue well into the second quarter of 2002, or if Grupo Mexico does not utilize its stake in GFM to raise cash during this time period, the ratings on the SENs and unsecured bonds will likely be further revised downward.
Under a back-up supply agreement associated with the SENs transaction, Aluminio's controlling parent, the Alcoa Inc.
The mandate to seismically retrofit all our hospitals is a well-intentioned and necessary goal," Sen.
SNiFF+, TakeFive's flagship product, is the central Source Code Engineering tool for SENS, the open multi-platform development environment of Siemens Nixdorf.
In short, ITEX and its consultant and employees, together with Sens and Lawson, are charged with conspiring to secretly gain control of BXI and its trade exchange, ITEX's main competitor in an industry characterized by small, local exchanges, and violating Unfair Trade Practice Laws in the effort.
There's likely to be a more aggressive tone,'' Sen.
Sen had been admitted to a hospital in the city last month with a chest infection and her condition worsened on Thursday night, doctors said.
Like so many other contemporary theorists, Sen situates his approach to justice in relation to John Rawls' work.