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SEN. This is said to be an ancient word which signified justice. Co. Litt. 61 a.

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Well-known in long term care circles for his work on the aging committee--including his support of the industry's Quality First initiative and hearings on elder abuse prevention--former Sen.
La reflexion continue et le sens devient reellement un non sens
Michael Hogan, Director of Legislative Affairs, AHCA: "Since taking over as chairman of the Senate Special Committee on Aging in 2001, Sen.
Grahams even-handed posture "did a lot to end a period that was corrosive and dangerous for the administration," says Sen.
The rating of the Series C SENs were affirmed at 'B' based on the terms at restructuring, which in Fitch's view provide incremental compensation for extending the maturity of the notes sufficient to prevent a loss of present value to the original noteholders.
Fitch's 'B' rating of the SENs reflects an expectation that the principal of those notes will not be written down, as a result of the negotiations.
Contract No MAS1306 - Equipment and services for the Trade Fair and Fun Fair Sens
The SENS Transmitter Unit is a pager-size simplex modem that can be configured and adapted for use in countless business applications that require sensing or tracking data to be sent from remote locations.
Structured Export Notes I (SENs I) as the US$400,000,000 SEN issuance made its last payment.
The rating action affects approximately $550 million of SENs and $450 million of unsecured bonds.