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Media men, striving to keep readers and audiences informed, have an ethical duty to 'seek the truth,' to avoid sensationalism and protect individual confidentiality issues.
My heart aches to see our tragedy of losing Daniel to serve the media's hunger for sensationalism," Maraini-Melehi (https://www.
He said instead of cooperation, HRW had resorted to sensationalism in projecting the country's handling of human rights issues.
The irrational sensationalism on the former dictator's issue should come to an end at once.
I cannot but find he was motivated by sensationalism and profit MAGISTRATE RANGAN
It could be a ploy to take advantage of the timing of the series and I personally see the work of the author as an attempt to create sensationalism.
Also, for many of these channels news is just an excuse to create some sensationalism.
If they truly believe there's a journalistic reason for this, they could have done it any time in the last two years; to do it like this is sensationalism.
Such sensationalism belongs in the Daily Star or The Sun.
The film derives its impact from the lack of sensationalism in its treatment of the subject and fine performances.
Devoid of sensationalism and agenda, this book provides all the information needed to understand pandemic influenzas including avian, swine, and human variations, and outlines the steps needed to develop and implement prevention, stabilization, and recovery efforts as needed at the local level.
Mencken and George Jean Nathan, as a neglected venue for (what is now canonical) modernism; examines how key themes and concerns of modernism often appeared in similar fashion within the pages of the interwar pulp magazines; and describes the role of sensationalism in high-modernism as an entry point for a popular audience in the late-1940s and 1950s, particularly within case studies of elements of violent and sexual sensationalism, economic patronage, commercial pandering, and intrinsic visuality in William Faulkner and Ernest Hemingway.