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Al-Jazeera critics wrote off the networks complaints as sensationalism.
There's something different apparent in SPOOK: SCIENCE TACKLES THE AFTERLIFE: it smacks of solid investigative research rather than sensationalism, and traces the author's journey to understand what happens upon death.
Perhaps this is understandable because the media tend to lose interest once the sensationalism has passed and they move swiftly on to another subject.
Although there have always been tabloids of serious intent (Newsday being a notable example), the public image of tabloid journalism calls to mind sensationalism with lots of blood and gore and often something other than "family-friendly" journalism.
The media's tendency toward excess and sensationalism makes this newfound recognition of religion's relevance something of a mixed blessing.
This retrospective, which featured the paintings, sculpture, writings, and music of New Orleans-based self-taught visionary artist Sister Gertrude Morgan (1900-1980), reflected a recent shift within the hybrid field of folk/outsider art from market-driven sensationalism toward critical self-awareness and increased curatorial accountability.
In many of their countries, attitudes toward biotechnology are based on fear and sensationalism because fringe groups have taken control of the issue," Danielson said.
Journalistic sensationalism has become a driving force on daily news programs, each article vying for recognition and prominent placement within its venue.
The very word "tabloid," originally indicating a page size, has evolved into a negative connotation of sloppy reporting, silicone sensationalism sepias and other less-than-highbrow foci.
There is some truth in there, but it's mostly filled with spectacular sensationalism.
We feel very strongly that such sensationalism only serves to glorify youth gangs.
Although its inclusion smacks of sensationalism, the author suggests one chilling scenario supposedly supported by other Navy and Air Force aviators who were out there that dark night over Iraq: Speicher had been inadvertently shot down by another U.