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This development had two tragic sets of victims: those who were mislabeled as deviant and, equally importantly, those women and children who continued to be at risk from sexual offenders and assaults that occurred (most frequently) from within families or by individuals known to the victims not from the more isolated, yet sensationalistic situations that VAL literature sought to demonize for these crimes.
They have criticized Hogarth's approach, arguing that it is sensationalistic and potentially harmful because it draws attention away from the extensive work being done to reach out to at-risk groups of gay men.
But the reality is that once again, this very defensive and sensationalistic style of forecasting has resulted in cancellations and lost bookings, encouraging many people to simply stay at home.
In spite of its sensationalistic title, cover photo (a tiger with fangs bared) and jacket ("animals revenge as they turn on their hunters.
In lieu of analysis, the author provides a series of sensationalistic sex scenes:
It has to be at the top of the list of sensationalistic non-stories fabricated by Channel 5.
While there is no doubt that the sensationalistic thrills of films like The Ivy League Killers and The Mask challenge contemporary views of our national cinema--even in the late 1950s they had to contend with accusations of selling out, since it was believed they only sought to emulate Hollywood films--it was the early success and failures of Sidney J.
In this case, Vautrin goes further and gives Louise a male sense of vengeance, complete with her own armory of a knife and revolver to mete out a sensationalistic series of violent crimes.
Using the accounts of New York's sensationalistic press, the observations of travelers like Charles Dickens, and the words of Protestant reformers, particularly those associated with the Five Points House of Industry at face value.
What it lacks in sensationalistic heat, it more than makes up for in much-needed light.
Quote: ``I don't want to be involved in anything that's jingoistic or sensationalistic.
It can also be found in tabloid news and reality-tv programs (again, discussed in the book) which present "fact" in a sensationalistic mondo film manner and which occasionally present dramatic reconstructions as "reality.