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With their measure of success set as the Nielsen ratings, their research indicated that sensationalistic journalism failed to create consistently high numbers.
It is up to a channel to decide quite how sensationalistic it wants to be, they argue.
Garlanded with a David Mark Cohen National Playwriting Award from the Kennedy Center, best new play citation from the Austin Critics' Table, a Playwrights' Center workshop and a Keene Prize for Literature, Elephants Graveyard digs up lyrical bones from the ruins of unverifiable facts, sensationalistic articles and apocryphal stories.
Arriving as it does on the heels of the sensationalistic 2007 trial of convicted sex offender Peter Whitmore, this is a timely academic study because historian Elise Chenier asks some trenchant, carefully framed questions about current sex offender legislation including the utility of the current laws; the difficulties and costs of obtaining treatment while incarcerated; and the efficacy of those treatment models.
It's a case of business as usual and we won't allowourselves to be distracted fromour very clear strategy by sensationalistic headlines.
Married to the voluptuous TV cook Nigella Lawson, Saatchi is "the prototype of the modern branded collector," a tastemaker who doesn't just collect art but creates whole markets in the stuff, no matter how bizarre, sensationalistic, or banal it might seem at first (or second, or third) blush.
the Boomers: A Contrived War," I became convinced that "generationalism"--finding vast differences between generations is exaggerated, sensationalistic, and often right-wing.
ASSEMBLYMAN Lloyd Levine, D-Van Nuys, may be term-limited and on his way out of office, but that doesn't mean he's given up his penchant for sensationalistic lawmaking.
Even the senior journalists at the conservative Wall Street Journal have urged resistance to media mogul Rupert Murdoch's attempts to purchase the paper for fear of the sensationalistic, tabloid-style changes that Murdoch's News Corporation might bring to the publication.
Can't a so-called world's leading news organization do better than this sensationalistic hype?
As University of Wisconsin political scientist Murray Edelman points out in Constructing the Political Spectacle, like it or not, in Jamaica as elsewhere, these postmodern-era elections are becoming sensationalistic political spectacles.
In fact, the Bush administration has long accepted global warming as fact, and media reports are invariably skewed in favor of the most sensationalistic of global-warming scare scenarios.