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From Almayer to Peyrol, Conrad portrays the temptation to withdraw into an ideal and solipsistic world that is independent of immediate externalities; but his sensationism (unlike Pater's) conceives of human receptivity as having the transmissive quality of a membrane rather than the secure capture of an imprisoning wall (it is the Assistant Commissioner after all, not Michaelis, who has some sort of capacity for normally responsive life), and the action of each novel is to disallow the main characters their desire to remain onlookers in an unassailed subjectivity.
Short of a time machine, the blocking of such urges "at their source" seems to require a sort of grandfather-clause for Lockean sensationism.
He shows how the "maximal" view of scientific naturalism commonly held by scientists--with its materialism, sensationism, and atheism--developed.
6) Sensationism was of course the theory of the mind, derived in part from English empiricism, that attempted to explain the origin of mental faculties through the body's senses alone, rather than through either sensation or reflection, as in Locke's formula for the origin of human understanding.
63) Rolf George, "Kant's Sensationism," Synthese 47, no.