sense of duty

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In the Army, Larsen was able to lead by example, but as an independent businessman he leads by showing the public a sense of duty and caring not found in many larger companies.
This is due to a number of factors, including rising funeral costs and people's sense of duty towards their families to ensure it's all taken care of.
But they went anyway, in droves, many out of a deep sense of duty if not adventure.
Al Manzary said, The support from Oman LNG will help our children at Al Wafa learn and work, building their confidence and sense of duty for interaction with the wider society as they grow.
Such a sense of duty and concern for others is what marks out the courageous, selfless heroes who serve in our armed forces.
The minister was much inspired from the sense of duty and honesty of the police official.
The decision by GAM Committee chairman Abdul Halim Kilani and members "stemmed from a national sense of duty and belonging to this institution that offers municipal and other services to the citizens of the capital.
The qualities required of a member of parliament include selflessness, integrity, objectivity, sense of duty, animal cunning, common sense and eloquence.
Allen said: "I commend the sense of duty and the steps taken by the Afghan National Army, police and the Directorate of National Security, who ensured a secure environment for the Loya Jirga in Kabul.
He chose however to end on a rather optimistic note when expressing hope that all protagonists demonstrate a sense of duty, responsibility and cooperation in bringing about the new cabinet.
The irresponsible politicians, who think that being in the government is a privilege and not a sense of duty, should assume responsibility instead of the innocent citizens," says Azemi.
And there's the same misplaced sense of duty about going out on a Friday night and watching internationals.