sense of proportion

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Curiously enough, her sense of proportion rejected this as soon as it was done.
It is rather an alteration of perspective, a shifting of our sense of proportion, a vivid realization that we are insignificant and evanescent creatures, existing on sufferance and at the mercy of the first chill wind from the unknown.
Such a fortune was a stake, and was not to be sown on bar-room floors, literally sown, flung broadcast out of the moosehide sacks by drunken millionaires who had lost all sense of proportion.
Some facts should be suppressed, or at least a just sense of proportion should be observed in treating them.
Now, he felt himself clutching, almost frantically, at the hard sense of proportion that never before had so much as threatened to desert him.
I have no sense of proportion, I know; my words and gestures do not express my ideas--they are a humiliation and abasement of the ideas, and therefore, I have no right--and I am too sensitive.
The pretext that wouldn't have been too silly or too compromising, the explanation that would have saved his dignity and kept his name, in such a case, out of the papers, was not definite to him: he was so occupied with the thought of recording his Discretion - as an effect of the vow he had just uttered to his intimate adversary - that the importance of this loomed large and something had overtaken all ironically his sense of proportion.
His sense of proportions was altered, his financial triumphs were no longer omnipotent.
It seems this Brexit issue has caused some people to lose their sense of proportion.
Like everyone else who thinks about this question, I do not have a formula by which one can scientifically value players in football, or any other sport come to that, but I do have a sense of proportion, and the idea of spending PS130 million to get a lad to play footy does not sit well with that judgement.
But I think Monsod lacked a sense of proportion in lumping together the controversies
At times the justice system seems to lose all sense of proportion and fairness.