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The cost of the damage of the senseless act of vandalism will run into thousands of pounds and will be dealt with robustly by police.
The senseless killings going on in some parts of our country is a bad omen to our corporate existence as a nation.
Pakistan's position on Israel is one of those senseless policies that have been in practice for over seven decades handicapped by inertia, propaganda and misplaced emotions that no one dares to even question the need to revise the policy.
The award comes just days after the mum of teenager Anthony Walker told how his senseless murder still haunts her family 11 years on.
Zaeem Qadri said that the senseless talk of Imran Khan can cause a loss to the development of the country.
The UK utterly condemns these senseless acts of violence.
It is a senseless act of unspeakable brutality that has claimed lives of the most innocent of human beings young children in their school," Modi tweeted.
They said due to lacklustre and senseless approach of the rulers of KP Government, the terrorists were regrouping and increasing their nefarious and inhuman acts.
Dialogue can overcome what is senseless and what has no future," he added.
We have been devastated by the violent and totally senseless death of Andrew, there are no words to describe our pain, loss and our grief,'' she said in a statement.
The United States strongly condemns today's senseless and despicable terrorist bombings at the Iranian Embassy in Beirut," Kerry said.
KABUL (PAN): The International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) on Wednesday strongly condemned as senseless the killing of nine women and children in a roadside bombing in southern Kandahar province.