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Then comes making the products that percolates down from their fashion sensibilities.
Similar to those creative men who "pour" their sensibilities into "compositions," Maria's uncle creates and sustains his sexual passion through the written composition of letters.
The carnival culture of freaks and circus took cartoon forms in Disney that appealed to the old need for "turning the world upside down," but were liberated from premodern sensibilities by the creation of wondrous innocence.
The sharing of sensibilities becomes visible most powerfully in the context of artist-curated shows.
While often beautifully animated, these knock-off shows lack the off-kilter sensibilities that make the Adult Swim programs so delightful.
While I do not wish to posit the opposite argument, it certainly would be a worthy hypothesis to entertain that our modern sensibilities have become the opposite of those of the sixteenth century, where public torture and societal violence could at the very least be tolerated in official ideology (see the recent study, also investigating art and religion in terms of violence, by Mitchell Merback, The Thief, the Cross and the Wheel [1998] subtitled "Pain and the Spectacle of Punishment in Medieval and Renaissance Europe").
Such awareness is the root of the ecological sensibilities shared by Leopold, Naess, and Capra.
The slave system allowed for new labor arrangements in England that gave merit to abolitionist sensibilities, but the struggle to end slavery abroad was disconnected from the numerous forms of oppression felt within growing capitalist societies such as England.
She is a pioneer in that challenging environment - responding to the growing demand for Western-style buildings and interiors that, at the same time, are sensitive to Japanese needs and sensibilities.
As a has-been, he ceases to be a threat to liberal sensibilities, and becomes available as a bludgeon for the left to use against the right in their continuing culture wars.
Charlotte Smith's novels pitted the expansive sensibilities of her heroines against both the French and English anciens regimes of narrow moralities and allegiances.
Sumo's "take it anywhere" mindset supplies lifestyle driven designs that resonate personally with the creative sensibilities of the Apple consumer and accommodates their busy, on the go life, from the workplace to weekend play.