sensible to

See: cognizant
References in classic literature ?
He's too sensible to fight if you don't press him too hard.
On the other hand, as men generally derive confidence from their numbers, they might often encourage each other in an act of obduracy, and might be less sensible to the apprehension of suspicion or censure for an injudicious or affected clemency.
Van Baerle began to be sensible to what was going on around him.
Furthermore, an understanding of the effects that varying wall superheat values have on the ratio of sensible to evaporative heat transfer is critical to optimizing the falling film heat exchanger.
Although it is obviously sensible to avoid meeting such people in public, Jesus seemed to enjoy their company--even going out of his way to meet them.
102) The passage from the sensible to the intelligible order is achieved by what Bruno calls "a proportional consideration of ideal shadows," (103) which clearly recalls that part of Nicholas of Cusa's doctrine which asserts that "No composition is intelligible without number.