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Like her idol Antonin Artaud, she wanted to be a creature of passion, not reason: Her positions, even when logically worded, subtly dismantled sensibleness.
I told him that I guess I'm fighting a losing battle," the article stated, "because I've been doing it for years now expecting others to do the same--not because of my 'leadership' but because of the eminent sensibleness of the practice.
with a sensibleness, mark menus, and generally steer
Some believe the sensibleness of their reforms will automatically appeal to all but the most tradition-bound educators.
What comes through loud and clear in all these essays is Wrong's quintessential sensibleness on virtually every topic he cares to write about.
Her letter stands in contrast to Bodichon's call in "Women and Work" for sensibleness in women's fashions so that women could accomplish something with their lives: "One of the practical impediments in the way of women working is the inconvenient modern dress, which is only suited to carpeted rooms, where it appears graceful and proper; in the streets, it is disreputable, dirty, and inconvenient" ("Women and Work" 63).
Now I know Ally McCoist has been trying to do his best for Scotland by partying like hell at night and looking rough as he can on Grandstand but all this sense of sensibleness just won't do.