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Some of Aristotle's predecessors and contemporaries conclude that mathematical objects are separate from sensible things (1076a34-5).
After first making short work of the 'fanciful' view that mathematical objects are substances that exist in sensible things (1076a38-b11), he gives a series of arguments against the Platonist view that mathematical objects are separate from sensible things (1076b11-7b11).
as separate entities] they have to be prior to sensible objects.
In both arguments, Aristotle attempts to prove that mathematical objects cannot be separate by showing that they are, in fact, posterior in ousia to sensible objects.
A product can qualify in one of two ways for the Sensible Solution flag:
Over the course of 2005, Kraft will increasingly advertise in these media products that meet the Sensible Solution criteria, with a particular emphasis on foods and beverages offering beneficial nutrients or a functional benefit.
As part of this initiative, Kraft's research and development team is creating more new products for children that will meet the more rigorous set of Sensible Solution criteria.
The most recent addition to the Healthy Living initiative is Kraft Sensible Solution, a front-package labeling system designed to help shoppers easily identify better-for-you foods.
By simply looking for the Sensible Solution flag on the front of more than 500 Kraft products, shoppers can quickly and easily find foods and beverages that are sound from a nutrition standpoint, and they don't have to be experts in nutrition.
Each product that carries the Sensible Solution flag has met nutrition criteria derived from the U.