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The global hormone sensitive prostate cancer market has been segmented on the basis of treatment, end use and geography.
Tom's of Maine's new clinically proven formula works differently by helping seal the pathways to sensitive nerves for rapid relief in 60 seconds and long-lasting protection with continuous use, the company notes.
Satellite Town, 15 most sensitive and 22 sensitive polling stations in the limits of police station Mochiwala, one most sensitive and 21 sensitive in the limits of police station Qadirpur, 26 sensitive polling stations in the limits of police station Massan, 34 sensitive in police station Athara Hazari, 11 most sensitive and 52 sensitive in police station Shorkot City, 5 most sensitive and 6 sensitive in the limits of police station Shorkot Cantt, 8 most sensitive and 47 sensitive in the limits of police station Waryam, 48 most sensitive and 4 sensitive in the limits of police station Garh Maharaja while 5 most sensitive and 20 sensitive polling stations have been setup in the precinct of police station Ahmad Pur Sial.
The Nexcare Sensitive Skin First Aid Tape features a water-resistant adhesive that tears easily by hand.
Sensitive data discovery for NoSQL: This is an industry-first capability that allows administrators to detect all sensitive data (credit cards, social security numbers, names, addresses, etc.
Dynamic Classification automatically classifies sensitive data with unmatched precision by applying rules based on content, attributes and metadata at the moment a file is created or modified.
And that's what pressure sensitive labeling can deliver.
Hubble's three other instruments--a less sensitive visible-light camera, a near-infrared camera, and the telescope's fine-guidance sensors, which call be used to track the motion of stars--are expected to resume operation by early February, according to Preston Burch, Hubble's associate director and program manager at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md.
This provision is becoming progressively more important as colleges increasingly become targets and sensitive personal data is compromised.
When you're logging on at wireless hotspots, consider the fact that the guy sitting next to you could easily walk away with your sensitive information.
New patented technology securely bonds extruded thermoplastic elastomers to generic double-sided, pressure sensitive self-adhesive tape products.
TOOTHPASTE adverts were rapped for implying dentists had recommended their products for sensitive teeth.