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It is important to raise awareness responsibly and sensitively.
Like Smith, Samuel learns to trust the native people, to learn their language and to work sensitively with them in an attempt to maintain a fragile balance between two diverse cultures.
The script was sensitively read by Canadian actor Len Cariou.
A well-researched and highly diligent telling of a sensitively written and inherently captivating novel of suspense, Noble Vision is very highly recommended reading, especially for those with any interest in medical, psychological, or investigative studies.
The original eight buildings of the campus, which were built in 1928-32 as concrete-framed, brick-clad variations on Italian Romanesque, are being restored and sensitively remodelled, one by one.
Some energy also comes from learners, and teachers need to be able to bounce back quickly and react sensitively to their needs.
You can't really teach it--and although you can recognize it, often a mile off, you cannot describe it any more than you can evoke that shudder down the neck it can, at least in the sensitively willing, mercilessly provoke.
Young Philip Roth is a sympathetic and sensitively drawn character, with whom the reader can empathise, as he tries to comprehend the way in which his secure world crumbles.
All applications for excusal should be dealt with sensitively and sympathetically and the trial judge should always seek to meet the interests of justice without unduly inconveniencing any juror
The 2004 Canadian Church Calendar, which featured photographs of flowers, was pure delight, beautiful photographs, very evocative and with appropriate and sensitively selected texts.
Two or more types of cone cells work together to sense color in abundant light, and a single type of rod cell detects light more sensitively, but only in black and white.
The massing has been sensitively deigned to link the six-story building with its adjacent two-story neighbor in a stepped effect.