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Critic Jennifer Dunning's sensitively detailed introduction likens Round to Baron, who once played a ubiquitous role in British ballet photography.
The 2004 Canadian Church Calendar, which featured photographs of flowers, was pure delight, beautiful photographs, very evocative and with appropriate and sensitively selected texts.
Two or more types of cone cells work together to sense color in abundant light, and a single type of rod cell detects light more sensitively, but only in black and white.
The massing has been sensitively deigned to link the six-story building with its adjacent two-story neighbor in a stepped effect.
Pensions Ombudsman David Laverick said that while schemes were entitled to recover the funds, they should deal more sensitively with people affected by the errors.
Sensitively curated by critic and independent curator Terry R.
A leftist historian who views American culture sensitively from the margins, Duberman is especially insightful when dealing with America's racial dilemmas and the development of gay and lesbian movements.
One of the many details within this sensitively designed restoration by Mithun was this full alcove "room identifier" for residents with Alzheimer's disease.
The author's luminous watercolors sensitively reveal the everyday events in the life of an older farmer.
A sensitively handled portrait of grief from writer-director Brad Silberling.
Devolution has given Wales the opportunity to respond sensitively and appro-priately to the needs of the diverse communities which we have in Wales.
If that is so, we will find medicine in [this book] sensitively dispensed.