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Amano, a Japanese national, noted that visiting Iranian military sites with teams of inspectors was delicate and must be handled properly because of "the sensitiveness of the site.
Limited Tenders are invited for Tender Description: In View Of The Sensitiveness Of The Location The Security Set Up Of Our Location (Agartala Afs) Is Required To Be Strengthened By Providing Security Guards Round The Clock.
Also, compared to the past, accuracy and timing are key elements given the sensitiveness of collateral damage; indirect fire is often called upon to neutralise time-sensitive and even now mobile targets.
In her notebooks, Mansfield attempts to explain a sense of epiphany by noting that 'this sensitiveness [.
The latest iteration has doubled its sensitiveness that taking notes and drawing on the Note 4 screen has never been easier.
After that, Lee and Ng (2009) studied the influence of sales price sensitiveness on capacity distribution and the optimal price in capacity advance booking [18].
Both sides are said to have recommitted to consolidating strategic bilateral ties based on mutual trust as well as sensitiveness to each other's concerns and aspirations.
The European Parliament proclaimed the year 2008 as the European Year of the Intercultural Dialogue, and one of the key competencies required to young people is the competency of sensitiveness and cultural expression.
Utekhin, among others (Boym 1994; Humphrey 2005) shows how the social space of the kommunalka could be read as a microcosm of Soviet society where the ideals of Communism in practice paradoxically fostered distrust, envy, and a heightened sensitiveness which required developing tactics to maintain boundaries to one's own space and self.
This sort of wisdom consists of "a special sensitiveness to the contours of the circumstances in which we happen to be placed; it is a capacity for living without falling foul of some permanent condition or factor which cannot be either altered, or even fully described.
Despite the global sensitiveness of using nuclear power in the region, it is these types of actions that GCC nations will need to take to diversify the fuel sources for their power generation over the long term.