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In addition, Hello Sensitivity Relief toothpaste uses the maximum amount of potassium nitrate approved by the Food and Drug Administration to ease sensitivity pain, according to Hello Products.
Conclusion: Increasing age, small pupil diameter, hyperopia, and photopic conditions were associated with lower contrast sensitivity in healthy individuals.
Yes, I know this is a tall order and it's up to the designer to determine which situations warrant it more than others, but now that sensitivity conditions (like ADHD, ASD, SPD and even misophonia) are becoming more widely understood by the public, people who previously thought they just had some quirky pet peeves are realizing that there may be a more significant medical reason for their discomfort.
Key Words: Postoperative sensitivity composites esthetic restorations.
As the editors note in their introduction, maternal sensitivity is the best-documented single predictor of child development.
While most of the sensitivity toothpastes currently marketed primarily numb tooth sensitivity, Colgate(R) Sensitive Pro-Relief(TM) with Pro-Argin(TM) technology effectively plugs the exposed dentine tubules that lead to sensitive tooth nerves, thereby blocking the transmission of heat, cold, air or pressure that stimulate pain receptors within teeth.
Anxiety sensitivity has been called a fear of fear.
Sensitivity sometimes is specified with a tolerance, usually [+ or -]5% or [+ or -]10%.
They estimated insulin resistance and [beta]-cell sensitivity prior to and at regular times up to 1 year after surgery.
In the early phases of test development, when the exact role of the index test has not been fully defined and thus the consequences of incorrect test results have not yet been determined, the preference for choosing the optimal cutoff value is often a criterion that weighs both sensitivity and specificity equally.
Dentin hypersensitivity also is a common side effect of tooth whitening procedures; 55-75% of patients suffer from whitening-related sensitivity.
By this age, those young people who grew up with emotionally cold, punitive parents frequently had turned to violence, crime, and substance abuse if, as 16-year-olds, they also exhibited high reward sensitivity.