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The study of 993 patients with 245 malignancies shows that Verm's second generation multivariate index assay, Overa (MIA2G), had superior sensitivity to the current standards of care, Risk of Malignancy Algorithm and CA125, in detecting ovarian cancer, and the lowest false-negative rate in correctly characterizing ovarian malignancy risk.
Some people, however, are more concerned with rejection, a quality known as rejection sensitivity. Peer rejection in young population results in an increase in anxious and angry expectations of being rejected which can subsequently cause an amplification of social anxiety and withdrawal along with increased aggression.12 University students perceive acceptance and rejection to varying degrees affecting processes of cognitive and social learning possibly being a stimulus to change in normal learning activities.13
disks with oxacillin on the sensitivity of microorganisms to antibiotics 400 pcs.
Post cementation sensitivity in various clinical studies have been documented from as low as 3% to as high as 34%.1 In a study by Rosenstiel and Rashid Post-cementation sensitivity was about 10%.2 Johnson et al estimated the incidence of sensitivity to be 25% whereas Bebermeyer and Berg calculated it to be 10%.3,4
The affirmation of the 'AAf' Fund Credit Quality Rating is driven by the continuing high credit quality of the fund as measured by its weighted average rating factor (WARF), and limited sensitivity to Fitch's stress testing analysis.
Even in such cases, if the tooth-brushing technique is not corrected, the sensitivity relief by toothpaste will be short-lived.
In order to correctly evaluate the stress sensitivity of reservoir, a lot of researches have been carried out.
The Umdlezane Parent-Infant Programmes at the Ububele Educational and Psychotherapy Trust in Alexandra Township, Johannesburg, include a number of early interventions that aim to promote caregiver-infant attachment and healthy developmental trajectories, through increasing maternal sensitivity and supporting the parent-infant dyad.
Keshavarz and Klap|ptke introduce methods by which chemists who are concerned with synthesizing new energetic compounds can assess physical and thermodynamic properties and the sensitivity of possible new energetic compounds before they they try to synthesize them.
Considering that the likelihood function is defined by the mathematical VIC problem with building system models, the sensitivity of each variable in the calibration problem may have a great impact on the calibration restuls.
Sensitivity is the key technical parameter for a whisker sensor, which determines the sensor's measuring range and accuracy.
In Turkey, various studies were done on the prevalence of sensitivity to allergens in AR patients, but there has not been any reported study on the children of Sakarya, a developed province of the Marmara region in Western Turkey (3-7).