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In sum, the main results shown in Figure 1 survive a wide variety of sensitivity tests.
The pressure sensitivity test results are presented graphically in terms of the deviation of the sensor readings at 13.
A potassium sensitivity test is a simple test that measures the bladder's epithelial permeability to potassium and is positive in 70%-90% of people with IC.
Unlike other nutrition programs that are focused solely on food basics, the NEI Guided Nutrition Program(TM) -- based on reactions to 110 different foods -- incorporates food sensitivity test results with individualized recommendations for foods that should not evoke a strong immune reaction.
We are pleased to have our leading Warfarin Sensitivity Test selected for inclusion in this clinical study," said Christopher Gleeson, CEO of GenMark Diagnostics.
NYSE: ICN) today announced its Biomedicals subsidiary has begun to market a new high sensitivity test to detect chronic inflammation associated with coronary heart disease.
Contrast sensitivity test, glare recovery test and a low-luminance
The Warfarin Sensitivity Test is used as an aid in the identification of patients at risk for increased sensitivity to the widely used blood-thinning drug warfarin.
Contrast sensitivity test, which enables the optometrist to evaluate
The high performance of our eSensor XT-8 System and Warfarin Sensitivity Test in the market combined with our unique 4F2 biomarker gives us 'best platform' and 'best test.
The Company has received a 2009 Medical Design Excellence Award for its eSensor[R] XT-8 molecular diagnostics platform, initially launched with a Warfarin Sensitivity Test.
The high level of performance of our eSensor XT-8 System and Warfarin Sensitivity Test in the market since commercial launch in the second half of 2008 continues to gain recognition and this contract award should further enhance market acceptance of our platform.