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Since Gwen's and Sakia's murders, organizations have sprouted in both Newarks, along with marches, rallies, gay proms and sensitivity trainings for cops.
Remedial actions may include discharge, suspension, demotion, warning, transfer or orders to attend sensitivity training among other actions.
This article introduces five management fads that were very popular in the second half of the 1900s, including: management by objectives (MBO), sensitivity training, quality circles, total quality management (TQM) and self-managed teams.
Physician sensitivity training could improve interaction with marginalized people with HIV and increase patient trust, understanding, and ultimately adherence to HAART.
And yet the question begs: how much could have been averted by just a little forethought, a review of the rules, sensitivity training, or by simply stationing a single tank at each museum, putting up a little barbed wire, and firing warning shots over the heads of looters?
And, believe it or not, it was the instructor who was disciplined and had to take sensitivity training.
A New Jersey newspaper editor may need a sensitivity training course after he headlined a story about mental patients caught in a fire as ROASTED NUTS.
Ostensibly, teacher workshops should focus more on sensitivity training regarding multicultural issues.
And you really can't ask them--a lot of these firms conduct sensitivity training now," said Miller, suggesting that political correctness as one culprit.
Why do citizens perceive there is a need for police, nurses, counselors, teacher's aides, sensitivity training, etc.
Beyond taking a first-class approach to universal design, several major hotel chains offer staff sensitivity training on dealing with special-needs clientele.
Improvisation was also a part of sensitivity training.