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CELL. A small room in a prison. See Dungeon.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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These cells are mostly the sensory cells aggregated at the center of each papilla, or single sensory cells widely scattered in the rest of the tentacular epithelium.
Beyond the sensory cell, however, the serpulid ocelli vary greatly, suggesting that despite apparently starting with similar radiolar photoreceptor cells, ocelli arose and elaborated more than once in the family.
However, despite many morphological differences among the larval nervous systems of the "lophophorates" and those of annelids and molluses, phoronids and brachiopods also have numerous serotonergic cells, consisting of bipolar sensory cells and additional peripheral cells, in their apical organs (Santagata, 2002; Santagata and Zimmer, 2002).
An especially intriguing observation is the sudden appearance of numerous GLUergic sensory cells by the time of hatching (P1 juvenile stage) at certain rostral and caudal regions of the periphery, such as the lips, tentacle, lateral foot, and tail.
FMRFa-IR sensory cells were found in the AO of the trochophore larvae of the marine bivalve Mytilus (Voronezhskaya et ai, 2008), as well as in the AO of developing aplachophoran molluscan species (Redl et al., 2014).
Targeting the labeled cells for analysis, they revealed that their organoids contained a population of sensory cells that have the same functional signature as cells that detect gravity and motion in the human inner ear.
It's not just the tiny sensory cells in the hearing organ (cochlea) that are damaged by noise but also the nerve fibres between the ears and the brain.
To enhance the sensation of taste in products, they focused their work on analyzing aroma-taste interactions and the heterogeneous distribution of tastants--compounds that stimulate the sensory cells in taste buds.
A few microvillus cells (MV), were observed in the space between the ciliated non- sensory cells in all portions of the olfactory lamellae (Fig.
Topics he discusses include the awareness of time and the relationship to information, the Big Bang, the evolution of the brain, its sensory cells, vision, how information makes it to the centers of the brain, the sense of smell, the role of electrons in the transmission of biological information, consciousness, the brain as a computer, reality, information processing, and the areas of overlap between physics and biology in the area of consciousness, including quantum physics.
Statistics show a staggering 41% of over-50s and 71% of people over 70 have some degree of hearing loss as a result of damage to the tiny sensory cells in the inner ear.
The vomeronasal organ consists of a pair of tubes lined with sensory cells. Access to the outside is via the nasopalatine ducts, located on the roof of the mouth behind the incisors (front teeth).