sensory experience

See: perception
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A new interactive art installation is now on display at The Dubai Mall, Waterfront Promenade, creating an extraordinary sensory experience for the community.
Adult-born neurons therefore play an important role in both the identification of a sensory stimulus and the positive value associated with that sensory experience.
New research finds the type of sensory experience an advertisement conjures up in our mind--taste and touch vs.
The 180 square metre animated Dior Les Parfums installation, inspired by the Rose de Mai the signature bouquet of Diors new fragrance La Colle Noire will wow visitors with a full sensory experience throughout July until September.
Guide Dogs for The Blind Sensory Experience visits Moor End Academy, Crosland Moor, Huddersfield.
A higher quality sensory experience that entertains and excites consumers is considered a key factor that can differentiate one brand experience from another (Gobe, 2001).
Melitta USA chose the UpShot Solution as their filter of choice mainly because of the full sensory experience that it provides.
As well as this, there's a level crossing that already affects the visual and sensory experience.
Linguists and psychologists have since long debated how much the parts of the brain that mediate direct sensory experience are involved in understanding metaphors.
BalSa is a welcome addition to our house of brands and will provide our customers with an elevated sensory experience.
The researchers wrote: "It shows that expectations can shape how the brain constructs a sensory experience.
The title and introduction imply that Peter Charles Hoffer will offer up a feast of sensory historical experiences, but, in fact, he presents a series of vignettes that only occasionally offer sensory impressions and their affects, but more often illustrate the extent to which sensory experience is interpreted by cultural conditioning.