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Information from sensory pathways, stored as digital information in digital cortices, is converted into experience information by a general linear transformation known as inhibition of lateral inhibition (ILI) in its sensory cortex, known to be the final information processing step on the pathways bringing information from the five senses to conscious awareness.
Ascending sensory pathways give rise to an initial conscious sensation of bladder fullness.
Further, those who perceive, identify and remember objects and events by using a combination of sensory pathways, their nerve cells in the brain record the surrounding associations that help in recalling objects and events.
These investigators observed that attention enhanced the amplitude of neural activity in the visual cortex, showing that attention-induced shifts in time-order perception probably arise from modulations of signal strength rather than from processing speed in the early sensory pathways.
Using diffusion-tensor imaging, researchers at the Kennedy Krieger Institute and Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, have together demonstrated that children born preterm with CP have variable injuries in both central motor and sensory pathways (Am.
The next task, she says, is to send information from the artificial limb to the sensory pathways.
Pavlovian conditioning in Hermissenda involves stimulation of visual and graviceptive sensory pathways. The conditioning procedure consists of pairing light, the CS, with rotation or orbital shaking, the US.
* Anterior cord syndrome results from injury to the motor and sensory pathways in the anterior cord.
Which of the following is not one of the six anatomic sites used to assess if a resident's sensory pathways are intact?
MSL theory posits that the more sensory pathways used and the more intensely they are used, the more efficiently and effectively information is retained (Montessori, 1967, Orton, 1937).
The other branch is organized within the white matter into ascending sensory pathways that terminate in the brain.