sensory perception

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Smelling takes on a middle position because it allows a sensory perception at a certain distance, but is still more "bodily" than the distant senses: Thus, Kant sees smell as a sense of taste "at a distance" and thus groups it with the subjective senses (the senses of pleasure, as he defines them), while touch, vision, and hearing are for him senses that transmit objective information.
Yield Stress and the Sensory Perception of Oil-in-Water Emulsions
It's a process of integrating feeling, thinking, sensory perception and physical coordination--all the requirements of a healthy, well-adjusted person.
These are the opening scenes of Daria Martin's Soft Materials, 2004, a 16 mm film shot in the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at the University of Zurich, a research center specializing in "embodied artificial intelligence"--robotic learning though sensory perception and interaction.
The line-up includes Irish illusionist Pat Fallon and Richard Osterlind from the USA, who includes extra sensory perception and mind reading in his performances.
Descartes, the inventor of analytical geometry, turned to the reality of mathematics, a priori knowledge--knowledge accessible without sensory perception.
In the next century, it will be routine to have physicality at a distance, to be able to manipulate objects at a distance and also have the ability to have sensory perception," says McKinley.
Die Nacht mit Alice thematizes new forms of sensory perception.
Big Fun is designed to help develop hand to eye co-ordination skills, increase levels of logic, build on sensory perception,help with balance, size and colour learning.
In 1999, all 279 children in the two cohorts took a standardized battery of tests to measure performance in learning, motor skills, and sensory perception.
All six women had highly abnormal sensory perception, compared with usual levels for normal women, said Dr.
You may enjoy taking an interest in the paranormal or extra sensory perception.