sensory perception

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Persons who manifest extra sensory perception abilities are commonly called 'psychics.
The second factor also contains items that are related to sensory perceptions, e.
Caption: Master of wine Tim Hanni will discuss Variation in oak sensory perception.
Optimizing your body map requires training your sensory perception and movement patterns.
Two of the three AIS B patients had significant gains in sensory perception and the third remained stable.
Overviews of experimental and practical aspects and parts on modeling sensory perception and its specific physiology follow.
In other words, Grok is developing true artificial intelligence, machine intelligence software based on the brain's neocortex, which controls sensory perception, motor commands, and language, among other functions.
The articles featured in this special issue contribute to a contemporary reevaluation of the history of the passions: how they influence and arise from sensory perception, how they are embodied and performed.
Aesthetic theology (1) deals by definition with the senses, with the knowledge of God and religious experience derived from sensory perception in the encounter with the arts, with the beautiful.
The bionic hand will allow amputees to feel what they are touching and could introduce a new generation of artificial limbs with sensory perception.
The aircrew quickly regained sensory perception, and the only evident damage was the loss of the enhanced-vision system (EVS).
In severe cases, changes in mood and sensory perception are also common.