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Chemists reported that a single sensory receptor on taste buds seems to respond to all sweet and bitter compounds (137: 315).
Heat stimulates the sensory receptors in the skin which decreases transmissions of pain signals to the brain.
At the end of the day, your sensory receptors are all sending electrical signals to the brain," Scott Novich, neuroscientist at the Baylor College of Medicine in the US, was quoted as saying in a Live Science report.
Despite this common functionality, both systems are designed completely differently both at the level of the sensory receptors and in the way information is mapped into the brain.
The allowed '801 application describes a device that simulates the sensations of smoking in the throat and airways and botanic agents that activate specific sensory receptors, without requiring delivery of nicotine or tobacco-related toxins.
Change in the quality of the lumbar aponeurosis is also considered an important factor in lower back pain as this area is highly innervated with sensory receptors.
Antennal sensilla are significant sensory receptors responsible for chemo and mechanical signals implicated in various behaviors (host location and discrimination behaviors.
In one set of findings, researchers had shown that the nose can act like a gas chromatograph (a device that separates chemicals in complex blends like flower scents), absorbing substances for different times depending on how readily they interact with the water-based mucus on the sensory receptors in the nose.
Salmon have a flower-shaped bit of tissue in their nose called a rosette, which is studded with sensory receptors.
How many other genetic or epigenetic (developmental) differences exist in any group of people that make them unable to "sense" and/or "process" (interpret) messages from sensory receptors in the same way?