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A sensualist, he often uses food as a metaphor as he reflects on both personal and cultural ambition.
Anchored in a sensualist philosophy, she creates tactile designs from innovative materials with distinct histories.
He traced it to the artist's sensuality: 'The light for which he is famous is the rapture of the sensualist utterly in love with the earth, with the Philippine earth.
The Breuer building is rich with texture and colour, and you realise what an amazing sensualist [Marcel] Breuer was.
Emma Fielding's "Emma", PLAYING Emma, is determined the audience understands her character's traumatic conflict of emotions, her Madame Bovary a sensualist trapped in a "mediocre" provincial life with her mediocre provincial spouse.
Eroticism, on the other hand is said to describe, in a normal way, human sensual or even sexual activity, presumably without the leer of the sensualist.
FLETCHER A A sensualist B One who makes arrows C Flighty person who am I?
The Space of Time: A Sensualist Interpretation of Time in Augustine, Confessions X to XII
As an intellectual introvert and frigid lover, he's not on the same page as his wife, who's an emotional sensualist and wants a baby.
FOR THIS ISSUE'S Dispatch, Artforum goes south, to Rio de Janeiro--a city as defined by myths of sensualist extravagance as it is by horror stories of yesterday's military dictatorship and today's slum violence.
You're spiritually healthy when you can enjoy the things of nature and human-made things as well, when you can be both a spiritual seeker and a sensualist.
She ties the poem to Heine's personal crises while living in Paris, his obsessive relationship with the "uneducated and coarse" Mathilde (22), and his dabbling in the sensualist cult of St.