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She has authored the Indie Excellence and Beverly Hills Book Award winning book, Nude: Unveiling Your Inner Beauty and Sensuality.
Since she first took center stage in 1993 with the album Plantation Lullabies, Ndegeocello's intrigued us with her combination of political outrage (such as her antihomophobia anthem, "Leviticus: Faggot") and steamy sensuality (try any number of her deep, sultry vocal ballads as bedroom enticement).
It must devour the road with a serene, mischievous charm, possess subtle sensuality, and fling mud only when arriving at the country estate.
An eye-opening visual survey of the sensuality marketed to popular American culture during the era of the sexual revolution.
These two anthologies offer a roster of talented black female writers who celebrate and explore the glorious power of sexuality and sensuality.
FANNY Hill and Lady Chatterley apart,few heroines have taken the step from page to stage with quite so much irresistible sexuality as Mrs Robinson -The Graduate's famed seducer --and few will have done it with as much glamour, sensuality and blatant fun as Glynis Barber.
Under realistic and didactic light, the shimmering garments of rich merchants and the gleaming shadows of refined interiors reflected the other side of tidy, devout Holland: crowded taverns, unruly children, untrained pets, rowdy village festivals, rampant sensuality, intemperance, and general unraveling of the domestic fabric (2).
Sensuality is defined as the quality of being pleasing to the senses.
The drum alone is a healing vehicle, its vibrating tones and rhythms creating calm, balance, focus, sensuality, passion and excitement.