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Benjamin's definition of allegory as a "sensualized, embodied idea itself" is taken as a model for action.
And Janice obsessively gazes at herself in mirrors--though only from the neck down so that she can compare her own body unmarked by any signs of Jewishness to pinup posters of "luscious" Betty Grable, glorying in "new high heels, pleasured by how they sensualized the shape of her legs" that were indistinguishable from any Gentile's (p.
He imagined the garden as it looks today, sectioned into inviting spaces for entertaining or to retreat to alone--the whole softened and sensualized with flowing ornamental grasses, aromatic Mediterranean lavender and rosemary, and fragrant citrus trees.
In "Ars Negativa," his fifth chapter, McCann characterizes Rossetti's search for an iconography of ideal presences and conceptual Aufhebung, in the prose tale "Hand and Soul," in the painting The Girlhood of Mary Virgin," and in assorted verbal and material canvasses of hieratically sensualized women, as forms of "literal" self-reference and mystical ars negativa in service to a "transnatural idea" (p.
What does it mean that Clarissa's most precious memories are intimately connected to a French, overtly sensualized and irresponsible woman?
For example, sixteenth-century sensualized portrayals of Judith can hardly be called "bordello pictures," even though some courtesans were known to have owned representations of this heroine.