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And for women is Sensually Seductive that blends a fragile feminine fusion of sweet floracy with spicy warmth, Exotic Woods and warm Amber.
Case in point: In the same issue of Herizons, in the arts & culture section, I saw what I perceived to be Cyndi Lauper's sultry repose with heavy makeup and sensually parted lips on her CD cover in your reviews section.
Accompanied by an exuberant mix of smoldering brass, swirling B3 Hammond organs and funky guitars, Crow sensually coos, "You say you're so happy now/And you say the love you've found is easy/But every now and then/Can't help but wonder when you're leaving.
As usual, this year's festival will offer a magnificent program of various erotic shows in a free and easy atmosphere promising unique and sensually oversaturated impressions.
The new approach you're taking to love and passion veers from being blatantly sexual to sensually subtle this week, so work out when to use which
It opened with a wall of bodies in which dancers interacted sensually to the sound of Bowie singing, before the piece opened out into a beautifully-lit, highly-charged dance where bodies measured up against one another, finely balancing beauty and brutality.
You're a voyeur instead of sensually interacting and learning to respond to a partner's needs.
Somebody is being aroused on every page--intellectually, sensually, artistically and politically," reflects Blanka Zizka, Wilma's co-artistic director and the helmer of this production.
Montgomery bus boycott participants were described sensually as "black, slimy, juicy, unbearably stinking niggers" (124).
At times sensually erotic, Nothing Fell Today But Rain evokes unexpected emotions and connections from rivers to highways to city streets and mosquito-strewn lakes.
Their on-screen chemistry is sizzling and the sex scenes sensually staged.
With its six headlights and prominent Alfa shield grille at the front and eight rear lights, four exhaust tailpipes and a sensually curvy rear reminiscent of the Giulietta Spider of the 1950s this is certainly a car to get noticed in.