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The sensus fidelium is a term used retrospectively to name the Holy Spirit's gift for receiving and applying God's self-revelation to the whole church.
The Sensus Connect system "revolutionises" the way people use vehicles and the driving experience, according to a statement.
A Work Summary Will Include The Removal Of Approximately 2,795 Water Meters And The Installation Of New Sensus Water Meters With Flexnet M2 Smart Point Two-Way Radio Read Transceivers, The Reprogramming Of Another 4,327 Sensus Meters (With Mxu%s To Be Added Or Reprogrammed), Construction Of 1 80% Tower, And Other Work Outlined In Further Detail In The Bid.
had been asked to explain the meaning, purpose and limits of sensus fidei and sensus fidelium--the capacity of individual believers and of the church as a whole to discern the truth of faith.
com)-- LaGrange County REMC has begun deploying a Sensus FlexNetTM utility network and iCon[R] A electric meters for its more than 7,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers across parts of four counties in northern Indiana.
Sensus says its patent-pending accuWAVE[TM] diaphragm meter design will be available on the model 415, Class 400 meter in mid-2010.
Officials at Sensus credit an "unprecedented demand" for energy conservation technology for the shipment of over two million FlexNet endpoints (SmartPoints) in less than two years.
Sensus Metering Systems (Sensus), a provider of utility metering and AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) systems and Advanced Metering Data Systems (AMDS), a wireless connectivity company, are partnering to provide utilities with a unique new AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) product solution.
A Solihull-based firm which provides counting systems and data integration services to the shopping centre and retail markets, has announced its acquisition of Sensus, the UK's second largest visitor counting company.
The sensus fidelium, or "sense of the faithful," is a time-honored recognition within the Catholic Church that truth does not always have to trickle down from above.
Water district workers found two more of the faulty meters, which were manufactured by Sensus Technologies Inc.