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Tahlia Forrester, four, and Pippa Horn, two, sent in by grandmother Pauline Horn
Jesus wants the world to believe in him, that he is one with the Father and that the Father has sent him.
In the Usenet days, system administrators would sometimes impose the ultimate sanction, the Usenet Death Penalty--a temporary block on all postings from an ISP that had been deaf to all requests to block spam sent from its servers.
These princesses and Dennis the Menace were sent in by |Kelly Marie Bowen
Sophie the Jack Russell from Skelmersdale, sent in by Enid and Bob Magee
This year, Baldwin-Wallace sent an initial text message seeking permission to send text messages.
5 Kato, sent in by Christine Garrett of Great Ayton
BURBANK - From care packages and letters sent by students to postcards sent by animators, Burbank schools and organizations have signed on to help U.
Currently, analysts estimate, unsolicited bulk e-mail advertisements--"spam"--accounts for almost 50 percent of all e-mail sent worldwide--up dramatically since 2001 when the sometimes offensive, deceptive, and fraudulent e-mails comprised just 8 percent of all e-mails.
The sender creates the material to be sent at the requested resolution.
Many programs, such as cc:Mail and Outlook Express, give you the option of sending a return message to just the person who sent it or to everyone who received the original message.
Among the recipes to be sampled are: Castle Loaf sent in by Sam Crecelius of Mendota Hts.