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I had had some idea that the clerk who was to be sent down might be the young gentleman who had met me at the coach-office, and I was glad to see him, because he was associated with my present happiness.
He sent down his compliments, and begged to inform Mrs General that he had rested very well indeed, and was in high condition.
Therefore, in a few words I will pass over all that came about after the fall of Chaka and till I was sent down by Dingaan, the king, to summon him to surrender to the king who was called the Slaughterer and who ruled the People of the Axe.
In truth, one of the Alencon bankers paid him every three months one hundred and fifty francs, sent down by Monsieur Bordin of Paris, the last of the procureurs du Chatelet.
After you left I sent down to Stamford's for the Ordnance map of this portion of the moor, and my spirit has hovered over it all day.
Esmeralda was positive that it was none other than an angel of the Lord, sent down especially to watch over them.
He slept there last night, and had his breakfast sent down this morning.
It was five o'clock in the afternoon of the bright autumnal Sunday, before a candle was sent down to try the air, while three or four rough faces stood crowded close together, attentively watching it: the man at the windlass lowering as they were told.
In that sloping afternoon sunlight, the shadows that the three boats sent down beneath the surface, must have been long enough and broad enough to shade half Xerxes' army.
The threat that terrifies more than whipping or torture of any kind is the threat of being sent down river.
I did not get back the same drawers I sent down, when our things came up at six-fifteen; I got a pair on a new plan.
For a moment, he seemed to hesitate and looked at Raoul; then he turned his eyes upward, toward the second cellar, which sent down the faint glimmer of a lantern, through a cranny between two boards.