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0 overs, sent down three full tosses above waist height that saw him pulled from the attack by the umpires.
Belief in the divine books is to have a firm belief that Allah The Almighty Sent down books to His Prophets and Messengers such as the Torah, the Gospel, the Psalms, the Scripture of Ibraheem (Abraham), and there may be other books that we do not know.
At times, he sent down dummy balls to see how he positions himself to play the bouncer.
Who has made earth for you like a bed and has opened roads for you therein and has sent down water (rain from the sky).
Rescuers also sent down fuel to power machinery the miners will use to move tons of falling rock as their escape tunnels are widened.
The men made the video with a small camera sent down through a small emergency shaft drilled to their shelter deep in the San Jose mine.
STRAIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE: 14-year-old Andrew Turley from Norton, a member of Bluehall Bowling Club and son of an English international indoor and outdoor player, sent down the first wood in the Marley Charity competition at Albert Park in July 1981.
Padol pleaded guilty to causing death by dangerous driving and was sent down for three years.
Even a letter of support from baseball great Sandy Koufax couldn't stop Dominguez being sent down.
The ten that came against Sri Lanka 12 days ago was in line with what they sent down the previous time they took on Mahela Jayawardene's side in Mohali last year.
Scientists on board sent down robotic collection vehicles with arms that poked into gashes in the seafloor.